I need help with implementing cyclic codes.Its much like crc.I've found a lot of software implementations for crc but havent understood them.I've looked at a crc guide which gave,

So to implement CRC division, we have to feed the message through a
division register. At this point, we have to be absolutely precise
about the message data. In all the following examples the message will
be considered to be a stream of bytes (each of 8 bits) with bit 7 of
each byte being considered to be the most significant bit (MSB). The
bit stream formed from these bytes will be the bit stream with the MSB
(bit 7) of the first byte first, going down to bit 0 of the first
byte, and then the MSB of the second byte and so on.

With this in mind, we can sketch an implementation of the CRC
division. For the purposes of example, consider a poly with W=4 and
the poly=10111. Then, the perform the division, we need to use a 4-bit

                  3   2   1   0   Bits
       Pop! <-- |   |   |   |   | <----- Augmented message

             1    0   1   1   1   = The Poly

(Reminder: The augmented message is the message followed by W zero bits.)

To perform the division perform the following:

   Load the register with zero bits.
   Augment the message by appending W zero bits to the end of it.
   While (more message bits)
      Shift the register left by one bit, reading the next bit of the
         augmented message into register bit position 0.
      If (a 1 bit popped out of the register during step 3)
         Register = Register XOR Poly.
   The register now contains the remainder.

I havent understood how this works.

I've also looked at this algorithm...

unsigned int wombat(unsigned char *data, int len)
    unsigned int        result;
    int                 i,j;
    unsigned char       octet;
    result = -1;
    for (i=0; i<len; i++)
        octet = *(data++);
        for (j=0; j<8; j++)
            if ((octet >> 7) ^ (result >> 31))
                result = (result << 1) ^ QUOTIENT;
                result = (result << 1);
            octet <<= 1;
    return ~result;             /* The complement of the remainder */

if someone could give me a basic idea of how this works I'd really appreciate it

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