Hi All!
How can I link modem to the Sound card in my PC? (in C++)
that meens I want to listen a telephone line user via my sound card output!
I want to forward audio signal from modem (internal PCI- COM4) to PCI sound card!
with Win98SE in my PC...
and then how can I forward microphone signal from the sound card into the bloody modem???(for telephone user!)
Any idea to do this in C++???? I am new in C++ so I do love code explanations!!!
I hope some people responds...

Vova, email@edited.by.mod


I dont know how to do it. But i google it. I got links to programmes which do the same thing.

Chound thank you for respond....
and could you please provide me with those links about my request?

And also other ones please help me in this field ....

hiiiiiiiiii i know how to do that you can tell me about the srecification of your computer please :mrgreen:

well it is a Pentium-2, modem is internal ISA - on Com4 (data/fax/voice -56kB), Sound card on PCI - 16bit, nothing unusual! ok what is your way?
also merry X-mas!!!