Hello! I need to do a program in NASM language and I have no idea how to do it! The problem is the following:

Write a NASM program that does the following:
(i) prompts the user to input a line,
(ii) detects if the input line contains โ€˜ end.โ€™, and
(iii) if so, echoes the line up to the first instance ofโ€˜ end.โ€™ and returns control to the kernel; otherwise repeats all over again at (i).
Assemble your program using the NASM assembler and run the resulting executable. Debug the program until it works correctly. Submit a correctly working version of your NASM program along with its output illustrating its correctness.

Thanks in advance for your answers!

PLS. give me the program code....to study and understand more easier this language! Thanks