I am trying to build an application through which i can send messages from server to client. My application is similar to the windows messenger application of windows operating systems
/*(to see windows messenger service go to control panel -> administrative tools -> computer management -> click services & applications -> services -> then enable the messenger service through it properties -> after this click services -> goto menubar -> click action -> alltask -> send console message) */

I have tried this with rmi
But I want to add some more features also can anyone tell me easier way to do this and what features can I add to this
Please send me your replies and code(if possible) at <email snipped>
Thank you!

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Easiest way to do what? You haven't told us what you need help on (besides the vague "I want to add some more features"), we have no clue where your at with implementing these "new features" and we don't even know if what you have done works! You state, "I have tried this with rmi," tried what, and did it work? I'm sorry my mind reading capabilities only extends to those with the brainpower capabilities to facilitate the mind reading reading, four year olds.

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You're too try-hard =P

if you say: easiest way to do this, I read: laziest way to do this.
I would recommend using JNDI instead of RMI, since RMI messages will be blocked if there's a firewall active

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