am trying to login to a server, say my gmail account by sending it my username and password in a typical POST request. to make my life simpler
i tested this code on
i was able to see the pages http requests using a firefox addon called tamper data to analyse their requests
source code is attached

steps taken
1. connect to the server on port 80
2.send a simple GET request to see if stuff works well 
3.attempt a login by sending password and username

the good news
1. connection was successful
2. GET / HTTP/1.1  request worked well

the bad news
1. the post was not sucessful and i have totally failed to see why

I don't know if this is the problem, but on the post request you have the terminating empty line after you have the post data.

Strcat(szSendBuffer,"/r/n);//the terminating empty line