Hello, I need to create some dirs (one for each user), taking the dir name from a given string.
I managed to do this with the following code:

DIR *dir_ptr;
char *target_dir;

target_dir = malloc(32*sizeof(char));

for(all users)  {

    /* Set username for current user */
    target_dir[0] = '\0';
    strcat(target_dir, "./Environment");
    strcat(target_dir, "/");
    strcat(target_dir, username);
    strcat(target_dir, "/");

    /* check for DIR existence, if not, create */
    if((dir_ptr = opendir(target_dir)) == NULL)  

My problem is these dirs are created with no permissions at all, I've got to set them manually doing "chmod 777 name", is there a function out there to create dirs with permissions already setted? I need to use them later from inside my application and I want the users to be able to modify them from the OS (ie adding files inside).
I use Debian, in XP no problems!

Apparently, mkdir() takes 2 parameters.

One wonders whether
- you read the manual before calling it
- included the appropriate header file which would have warned you about too few parameters
- mis-took early success on other platforms as a sign of bug-free code.