Im trying to dynamically add controls such as text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, etc to a user control(ascx page). Im basically trying to build a very simple faceted search. Here is the scenario the user defines a string that specifies what is to appear on the page, some thing like this:

searchParams = "Name:TextBox, City:Radio{a;b;c}"

So the Name field will be a text box, and the City field will be a group of the three radio buttons "a,b,c". Im generating the user controls in a select case statement as follows:

 Select Case source(1)
            Case "TextBox"%>
                <%=source(0)%><br />
                <asp:TextBox runat=server></asp:TextBox><br />
          <% Case "DropDown"
              Case "Radio"%>
                  <%=source(0)%><br />
                      For Each opt As String In options
                          Dim radio As RadioButton
                          radio = New RadioButton
                          radio.Text = opt
                          radio.GroupName = "radio1"

        <%End Select

But im getting this error: The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>).

when executing this line:Me.Controls.Add(radio)

So I researched this and I read places that I should try and add things to a placeholder instead of the page itself, I tried that but that didnt work. I also tryed using binding syntax <%#blah%> instead of <%%> and that didnt work either. Im running out of ideas and I dont know what the problem is? I need to be able to dynamically generate controls onto the page according to that user defined string. Any ideas?