Doing a small project in which data from warranty cards are entered into a database ie. warranty card number, salesman name and ID, etc etc......after all the data has been entered into the database I need to check and see if there are any duplicate warranty card numbers in the database.

The way I am thinking is that ill first load the table into a dataset and datatable and then loop through all the records using the datarow object. compare each each record with all the other records and if i find a duplicate ill probably set a flag to make both invalid. I understand the concept but i am not too comfortable using all these objects ie datatable, datarow. It would be great if you could give me a simple syntax on how to loop through all the records using a datarow object.

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Dear Friend

I can not accept Your procedure .

I think you should check it before entering the syatem.

Check it before entering the system.

Suppose your dataset is ds;

dim count as integer

while (count < ds.rows.coun)

if ("Code is here"=ds.rows(count).ItemArray("Colomn No from table")
msgbox "Duplicate data"
end if
end while

Try it ...................

hmmm..... Shouldn't thé approach be : only insert a warranty-card-number into the database after a check if the card-number already exists?
You could write a stored procedure for example in which you use a 'transaction' which will be roled back if the cardnumber exists?

dim _rows() as DataRow = mDataSet.Tables(TableName).Select("CardNumber = " & cardNumber)
if _rows.Lenght > 0 Then
end if

I Agree. It is very strange to check duplicate after entered to database. You need to do it before.

thanx guys............well the problem is, its not a new project.........some other programmer has already created the database and entered a lot of data, im trying to use the same database.......
Well from the information ive got , the company wishes to have duplicate data. I guess because they are not sure which data is legitimate......Well, at the end of it i need to check for duplicates after the data is entered.......No choice guys......

So getting back to the problem as i mentioned before .... I think i would use the code you gave me above as follows:

for(count = 0;count < ds.rows.count;count++)
for(count1 = 0;count<ds.rows.count;count1++)

if (ds.rows.(count1).ItemArray("coulmn No from table")=ds.rows(count).ItemArray("Colomn No from table")
"What ever action to be taken"
end if

Do you think this would work??........Any other ideas?? All this because if there are duplicates I have set the record as duplicate but i need it to be present in the database.
Thnx again guys. Appreciate it.

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