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I Developed a windows Deployment Application.It contains One Windows Application,Windows Service and Custom Action Application.Some Times While Uninstalling Windows service is Removed and Uninstall process is Stopped.And It is showing an error that Specified service doesn't exist.Then I am manually installing the Windows Service from Visual studio 2005 Command Prompt.then Uninstall Process is Succeeded.But it is not possible at client System.Can any one Tell me How to Uninstall Application Completely even though one of the Project Removed.

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Generally when I uninstall or install services via the MSI, I do all of it in the custom action portion. I would look at this:


for a little more information on the process. Also, does the user account you're installing with have full permissions to start and stop services?


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While Uninstalling if we got any error (as our Installer contains both windows Application and Windows Service).If the database(MSAccess-It will be added to the Application Folder in SetUp Creation) of Windows Application is in open Position.Then the Uninstall Process Removing Windows Service and Unable to Remove Windows Application.Then If we try again to Uninstall the Setup it will not be Removed as the Windows Service Doesn't Exist.
This is the Problem.How we can Uninstall completely even though One of our Project is Removed