Dear delphi coders
i am a newbie to delphi , i am using an free ocx called devalvr for loading panorama images , thats a great activex with powerfull parameters all free
now i want to create a multimedia cd with delphi and flash and i want to load panorama images into this ocx but this line below is how this ocx will load files


but i don't want to put files right in cd i mean i don't want to everyone can see my source images and easily copy them , is there any method any way , trick ,
i know how to encrypt or decrypt files but the problem is that this activex load files like coded line !!

Thanks in advance :)

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You didnt really explain what you expect to store your images in. However, if you use a database, you could write temp files out to load into the source.

thanks for replay ,
But i don't want even create temp , users easily with a file monitor program can find files , i mean i want to load them on the fly , i don't know how ?

thats just my idea , our any way else

If your component only takes file input, then thats what you've got to work with. If you just need to display images, why use an OCX in the first place?

If your component only takes file input, then thats what you've got to work with. If you just need to display images, why use an OCX in the first place?

No , thats not just an image viewer , Devalvr will make panoramic images into spherical images with 360 degree rotation , navigation and some features like zoom

here you can see some examples but in IE activex version

DevalVr Examples

but i am using standalone ocx , in web it's easy with some set of permissions you can secure you source images from downloading but in local machines !?

I think there is a trick or way to do this but how ( i don't know ) , for example for some activex like flash player there is some versions that can load swf file from memory , then i think maybe there is a trick that i can do it with devalVr , anyway i am not just looking for loading from memory any other way to secure files on local machines , and another thing is that when this ocx load files , if delete the source file the deval still works fine , i mean devalvr will load ( buffer ) images into memory then there is no need to source image , i just give this suggestion maybe will help you to find a solution for this matter

Still Thanks in advance for your Consideration

And another thing is that , is there any way by using WM_COPYDATA message !?

This message is what fiero ( Developer Of DevalVr Give Me )

Hi synxmax,

It is not possible to share a portion of RAM to pass an image between two programs. This is for security reasons.

In Windows only exists a mechanism to pass some data from any program to another application. This is the WM_COPYDATA message. Can you manage the WM_COPYDATA message from your Delphi application?

At this moment this is not implemented in the viewer, but maybe could be possible to send an image to the player through WM_COPYDATA...


At this point just in my mind is there any way that i create an application in the background to load images from database then send it to my main application and give it to the ocx with WM_COPYDATA i don't have any skills in using this method

WM_COPYDATA only works if the receiver knows what to do with it. You are limited by what your OCX will understand. Best thing to do would be to post on their forums to find out what options you have.

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