Hi I am John Tayler, new to this topic. This is a my first post.
I want to make a website, will anybody tel me from where to start. Ive selected dreamweaver 8 to build my site. Is this suitable tool? Any tutorial about dreamweaver will be appriciated.


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Before you take a tutorial in dreamweaver which is a very good choice. I would reccomend learning how to post a question. For starters this is a web design question NOT a Java Programming Question. So why is it in the Java Topic?

I would also reccomend that you have a look at some other stuff so you know what your doing. As to how you are going to get your website online. What xHTML & CSS are, and how they are used as well as drawing out a basic outline of your web site design before you start trying to create it.



as already pointed out, wrong forum
next... how do you expect us to tell whether DreamWeaver is the perfect choice for you?

we know nothing of your background/skills, and we know nothing about your (lack of?) experience with other tools

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