Hello everyone.

I've just signed up to 1 years hosting with Uk based Fasthosts. They provide support for Python scripting and a free 150MB MySQL database on their Linux package. My problem is that they don't seem to have the MySQLdb module installed.

Is there any way I can get Python CGI scripts to access MySQL without having MySQLdb installed on the server? Is there some .pyc module with full MySQL access functionality that I could upload to the server and import from the CGI script? Is there any other work around I am not aware of?

I'm new to Python, CGI and MySQL so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Its wierd they dont have the module installed, if your package includes a database and scripiing, try contacting the host.

Well I contacted the Fasthosts, they assigned me a ticket number and got back to me today with this:

"I have just confirmed with our engineers and unfortunate we do not have this module installed and would be unable to provide further support.

The mysql-python module has a dependency of mysql cli, which means that we would have to install on all our servers. As it is a shared platform we would be unable to perform this action."

It seems ridiculous that they provide Python scripting, a free MySQL database and yet no way to use them together.

thats stupid , maybe you should find a new host