Hello everyone.

I've just signed up to 1 years hosting with Uk based Fasthosts. They provide support for Python scripting and a free 150MB MySQL database on their Linux package. My problem is that they don't seem to have the MySQLdb module installed.

Is there any way I can get Python CGI scripts to access MySQL without having MySQLdb installed on the server? Is there some .pyc module with full MySQL access functionality that I could upload to the server and import from the CGI script? Is there any other work around I am not aware of?

I'm new to Python, CGI and MySQL so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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Its wierd they dont have the module installed, if your package includes a database and scripiing, try contacting the host.


Well I contacted the Fasthosts, they assigned me a ticket number and got back to me today with this:

"I have just confirmed with our engineers and unfortunate we do not have this module installed and would be unable to provide further support.

The mysql-python module has a dependency of mysql cli, which means that we would have to install on all our servers. As it is a shared platform we would be unable to perform this action."

It seems ridiculous that they provide Python scripting, a free MySQL database and yet no way to use them together.

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