i nees to make a function to output students name in the form last name followed by a comma followed by a space followed by the first name and the name must be left justified than next to it need to print the student score and student grade like this:

Duckey, Dnoald 85 B
Goof, Goofy 89 B
i am able to do the name part but i am having problems alligning the test score and grade :
Duckey, Dnoald 85 B
Goof, Goofy 89 B
my code looks like this :

void printResult(studentType Student)
    int vectorSize = Student.testScore.size();
    cout << left << setw(10) << "Student Nmae " << right << setw(12) << "Test Score" << right << setw(12) 
         << "Grades" << endl;
    for (int i = 0; i < vectorSize; i++)
    cout <<  Student.studentLName[i]  <<  ", " 
	     <<  Student.studentFName[i] 
         << right << setw(30)<< Student.testScore[i]  << " " 
         << right << setw(30) << Student.grade[i] << endl;

I'd concatenate the name portions into a single string before output, then print that concatenated string with field width 30 (or whatever) left justified and fill with space char. Then output score with field width 3 right justifed and fill with space char and grade field width 2 right justified and fill with space char. That way students like me who get single digit grades will have score line up with the smarty pants.

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