Hi all..
dis is kinda urgent case though coz i dun have much time to complete my final project.:'(
I've installed sql server 5.0 and the connection is on.I have also created the tables related to my interfaces
As for vb.net, i've finished with all my interfaces.
Now, the problem is..
1) how to connect my interface with my database in SQL server?
2) when i tried to select my database, it requires .mdb file for sql server. eventhough i've saved my db file, it seems dat it is not .mdb type coz it doesnt appear when i want to select the db.
how to save sql server 5.0 file?

pls anyone..i really need some help here...urgently..thx!!:)

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Can you explain to me one more time. Do you need to connect to MS SQL 2005 database or Access file?


hi there..
thx for ur respond.
btw, i have problem connecting my database(sql server 2005) with my interface(vb.net).
i've tried to connect my interface(vb.net) with my database(sql server 2005), however dis error msg came out:
"An error has occured while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to sql server 2005, this failure maybe caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL server does not allow remote connection.(error 26:Error locating server/Instance specified).

Or can u help me by giving step to step instruction on how to connect to sql server from vb.net. i'm sooooooo depresssed! =(

thx anyway..

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