can someone help me to slove this using c++ please.

Noone will spoonfeed you any solutions. have a good attempt at the problem for yourself and come back if you get stuck on anything along with a description of whatever it is you need help with, and the code you've tried so far.

How should i begin??

There are a couple approaches in c++ language:

1) if input is in the form of a std::string object, you can use it's find() method to determine if it contains any of the words, example:

std::string input;
cout << "Enter a word\n";
cin >> input;
if( input.find("ONE") != std::npos)
    // found it.

2) The other way, using standard C style character arrays

char input[20];
cout << "Enter word\n";
cin >> input;
if( strstr(input,"ONE")  != NULL)
   // found it

Now if course you will have to change the above to check each of the words listed in your assignment, as well as all the other requirements which I did not mention.

And don't forget to include the appropriage header files.

I really don't know how to code it....could you help me...Please x10000. I have to hand it in soon. I will remember you forever! Please help me!

I will remember you forever!

Seriously, how much do you think we care? Moreover, I hardly think so. I'm pretty sure that you won't hold gratitude or appreciation soon after you'll hand that assignment. Not that I'd pay a penny for you being eternally grateful to me.

Ancient Dragon already gave you a start. I'm feeling to give you just some general advices:

1 - Divide your program in steps - most common are input, processing and output but you can elaborate this further
2 - Write one step at a time, for example begin with a program that only accepts one string input and quits. Then try to solve the problem for simplest cases (i.e. the user enters "one" or "nine").
3 - Post your code. We will gladly help you (not for the glory, however) if you show us you do care enough. When I ask for help I think that the time of people more expert than me is more precious than mine. Consequently, I have to devote more time than they do in solving my problem. If I don't act this way, I won't learn anything. Try to think this way and you'll be surely helped.


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