I've configured my Windows system to launch my application when someone opens a file with a specific extension (example: launchMyApp.xyz). Much like double-clicking on document.txt will open Notepad.

launchMyApp.xyz contains a series of strings that I want to use in my application. What I can't figure out how to do is capture the contents of launchMyApp.xyz.

How can I determine the contents of the file used to launch my application?

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If your application is a Windows Forms Application, you could use the Load eventhandler and do whatever you want to do in it.


Personally I hate the idea of using the load event.

Anything that runs in the load event which causes a block can leave the poor soul wondering if they ever launched it.

What is a good idea is a timer, pass the timer the work and have the form load - all work of any potential delay should go in timers anyway, its a good practice to get into, so wether its retieve some file from the internet, or open a crappy text file of 1k on your HD...

What if that file suddenly was 20gb? Would you have your user on their 33.6k modem wait the week before your app launched?

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