Hi All,

I am getting the below error message when I try to degug my program.

The 'Migrosoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provider is not registered on the local machine

Thanks in advance.

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just goto, project click on "add references " and select "jet oledb..." from the list and click on it..
Then it has to work& if "jet oledb..." doesnt exists in the list of refrences then the software have to be installed.....


You don't say in which language or operating system, but I've had that recently (after going to Win 7 x 64). My VB2008 applications that read/write MS Access files wouldn't work. You need to modify them to compile for 32bit. (MS Access shows no interest in becoming a 64bit product.)

From the Build Menu ==> Configuration Manager ==> Active Solution Platform ==> Add ... (x86)

You may also need to add a runtime argument for the compiler (My Project - Debug - COmmandLine Arguments) of


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