Hello, I have a program that's 95% written. I am getting weird results though, so I will need you to fix it and EXPLAIN why that worked.

This should take an experienced programmer less then 30 minutes. I would post it on here, but it's over a thousand lines of code. Simple stuff, arrays and classes, but just too tedious to read through.

If you're interested send me a PM please. TY for your time. I will pay through pay-pal. If this post is against forums rules, my bad and go delete it plz. :(

> I have a program that's 95% written
But 0% tested it would seem.

> This should take an experienced programmer less then 30 minutes
Sure, but how are you going to learn to clean up your own mess in future? Offer more money? That's gonna get expensive.

Your approach should be
- write one function
- test one function
- repeat as necessary.

- write 20 functions
- sacrifice a goat to the programming gods
- watch it crash and burn
- beg for help on a forum

You're absolutely right...

I should sacrifice two goats.

commented: Chickens work better in my experience. +31

More goats does not get more correct code -- just a bigger mess to clean up.

Easier to clean up the code, bit by bit, as Salem said.

(but you do get credit for sense of humor ;) )