i have made a screensaver and what i want is to disable alt-tab, ctrl-esc, the windows button (the one between ctrl and alt i mean)

ive tryed using many different versions of

SystemParametersInfo( SPI_SCREENSAVERRUNNING, integer(true), @i, 0);
SystemParametersInfo( SPI_SETFASTTASKSWITCH, 1, @i, 0);

but its not working on xp and vista...

i would appreiciate the help if any now how to make a screensaver run in xp and vista.

best regards,

rename your .exe to be .scr and it should simply just work

rename your .exe to be .scr and it should simply just work

sry. but ive allredy doing that when im puplishing ht e product and that doesnt work.

there most be some way to make my program run as a screensaver... i know there must be whit all these screensavers out there some must be made in delphi.

well hope someone know the answer

best regards,

There are plenty, however, ive not tried running them under vista.

Try posting on the embarcadero forums - if anyones going to know people there will.

Yep, screen savers have specific functions in such as the config screen etc. I know Ive written a few following various googled tutorials in the past, so have a google.