Myself 24 yr old CEO of my own organization in Pune - India.

We make Projects for BE / ME students in I.T, Comp,
Complete Project delivery along with Project reports.

So, choose a Project of your choice and relax for our experts to work for you

You can mail us at [email removed] and we will get back to you.

Looking forward for our mutual growth !

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Not up to doing real programming work?
you shouldn't be advertising your company here
People like you responsible for lowering quality of freshers coming out of college these days
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CEO my foot, am pretty sure you are just lone programmer cum administrator cum janitor there.
And hope your so called firm goes bankrupt and rots in HELL.

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Good post

What the hell are you guys doing here ? This isn't somekind of advertising board for corporates. This forum's main aim is to make people learn while they are being helped. You want to show that you are helping people while making them dependent - not to talk about making greedy porfits for your own organisation.
What you are doing is outright cheating, you are showing people way to cheat their professors/tutors when actually this place's culture promises to be the exact opposite.
Don't make porfits for yourself at the expense of others. I doubt the experts you so boast off are really 'experts' at all otherwise you would be wanting to make larger, complex commercial projects instead of exercising their epertise in school/college - in short kiddie - projects. I hope you get it !!!

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Good post
Couldn't have put it better

and yes I know you aren't "CEO" of anything, you and the people you call "Experts" are just a bunch of guyz just passed out from some master's course - or may be even not maybe you are drop outs - in hope of making quick money.
Don't try to fool others with big names, you would be making a fool out of yourself instead there are smart people here.
FYI : I was studying at the Pune University for four years and I know how desparate people are to get a hand on "ready-made" projects to make their grades.

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