This is urgent if any one could please help me resolve the stated issue.......

I know how to create cursors in ProC* and how to manipulate them.
But I have to do it with a combination of C and MySql.

Can any one guide me as to how the cursors are manipulated through C.......

Thanks in advance.... I am Waiting....

> This is urgent if any one could please help me resolve the stated issue.......

> I am Waiting....
I thought it was urgent?
Stop sitting on your fingers waiting, and start being proactive in solving your own problems!

Thanks that was really an eye opener...... if u cant help or ask where i was or am stuck stop wasting ur and my time to read ur useless suggestions...


Well if you got off your arse and actually posted a half-decent question, showing some actual effort, then you might get some actual help.

"I don't know and it doesn't work, and I haven't bothered trying yet" is not exactly a pot of honey we're all rushing towards.

No, it's just a big open-ended time-sink which could take weeks of effort to help with, given your apparent lack of knowledge.

My guess is you just hit reply in a hissy-fit, and have yet to click on the mysql link to do some reading, find some tutorials, try some examples etc etc etc.

> http://forums.devshed.com/c-programming-42/help-regarding-c-and-mysql-575397.html
I see you're not wasting any time just looking for other forums to be vague on.

commented: Guess the net is a small place afterall. :) +1
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