Sup ladies and gentlemen, please help me, i need to loop through the listbox, now here's what i have

foreach (ListViewItem ListItem in listView_Replacement.Items)
                    // finding the string in the current item rows
                    string m_findText = listView_Replacement.Items[0].Text;
                    string m_replaceText = listView_Replacement.Items[0].SubItems[1].Text;

                    string m_Messagetext = txtMessage.Text;

                    string m_MessageTextNew = txtMessage.Text.Replace("" + m_findText + "", "" + m_replaceText + "");

                    txtMessage.Text = m_MessageTextNew;


Now obviously those values should not be [0] and [1] because i am looping , but can anyone give me any idea what to put in there ???

Thank you in advance