HI Folks ,

Any one Here Name The Java Swing Component with "Date and Time Instance"?


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I would call him 'Roger'. or 'Danny' sounds nice too.
I take it you have something in a GUI presented that displays time and date. unless you believe us to be clairvoyants, you might want to explain a bit more of what it is you're talking about.

if this is a school task, or something like that (which I believe it is) you might also input YOUR idea of what it is, since you're the one supposed to be learning about it. we're not supposed to hand you down the sollutions (God once tried that with the ten commandments, look how that turned out), we are willing though to help you correct and understand your mistakes.

I think he is trying to create calendar object as we know from websites. Unfortunately for you babusek there is no such pre-made component in AWT or Swing. You best chances are to deploy 3 combo boxes and after user selection read values of selected indexes.

PS: I would arrange them in following manner YYYY-MM-DD as this will make easier to get correct count of days in the month. However final arrangement are yours
PS2: You may download already existing solution by others, by I do not think your teacher will approve of it

Thanks for your Replies ,
Let me Explain the Question Clearly , and it is not an Assignment also.
we have a several swing components like button , textfiled etc....
and i would like to know is there any swing component(as like button , textfield) through which we can select both date and time.
i googled but i didn't get that , and i found that there is no such component exists in any jdk version.
And iam asking u guys tell me is there any swing component or any alternative ways to solve my problem.....

And you were already told, no.

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