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Sorry For this Long Question,

Problem: I Want to Create 5 check boxes and i want to reorder those components using a GridBagLayout , and it's have a Container called Local_Container,after reordering of those components add to panel,
so Now we have a Container(Local_Container with a label having 5 components),
Now How to add this Container To a Frame at "0,0(row,Column) location" using a GridBagLayout that frame also have a container Called MainContainer.

may be iam Not Clear plz Check Attached doc File ..

This might prove to be a good place to start your search. Another good idea would be to stop copy-pasting your assignments or your vision of them on this forum.

put some effort in it, show us what you've done so far and I do hope that's more than just that word file.

if the above link is impossible for you to find or understand, it might be a good idea to stop messing around with GUI's and start learning the basics

Iam So Sorry to say this ...
Guys i dont know what the hell with these replies .
is this Community is For Posting Questions or to investigate that the posted Queston is an Assignment or Something else? guys if u know the answer just post that ,or you want anything more just ask ,but dont declare that the Queston is Assignment or a fake , we r not here to probe the questions , we are here to let them encourage and give tips to the Cooresponding Concepts .
Finally i wanna say one thing the folks Who are posting the Questions(may B fake or Assignment , whatever it may b) they are atleast spending half a minute to write down the Question here and try to clear the Question as much possible they can , and guys who are giving a useless replies just declaring that question is an assignment within a second , think who is better in this game ......
Lets add beauty to this forum but dont discourage the members .

you did notice though that that 'useless response' contained the entire answer to your question? :-|

for the other parts: you might want to read the forum rules, you know, those rules you agreed to when registering here.
the most important ones are the ones you'll find standard above this forum

Sorry if i hurts any one, and iam a big fan of this community , ya iam new to the GUI , if not i wont the post question at all, By the Way Thanks For your comments and suggesstions