Hello sir,
I would like to create exe files from VS2005
From my project, on button click it automatically wants to create new project (compiled as single exe) with a label(captioned as "Sample") and textbox and Button on a form.
In that form it also wants to add coding for a button click.

text1.text = "Hi"

Your posting couldn't be more vague. I am guessing that English is your second language. No problem, just ask someone who is fluent (In English) to write down your question for you and then post it here.

what can i understand from your question is that you want when a button click event is raised a new executable will be created...

I havent tried at all, but i think that you could go to the button and "hardcode" a setup project with all the properties fixed...

Happy coding! :)

I wish you a Happy New Year, and dont forget to mark topic as solved if i answered you question :D