Looks like it might be a pretty useful course and for only 69$. Before i spend the money, what do you guys think. Im not worried about the monetary value, but what kinda benefits i may get.

I even noticed that thier copyright is up to date so this doesnt look like some watered down source of information.

It's your money, so you can spend it wherever you want. I wouldn't waste the money though; I have yet to hear about one of these online courses that wasn't a total rip off. You can learn more with free online resources than any course could provide.

well, im asking what you guys think, because ive trolled a million tutorials on how to do this, or how to do that, and while the information is useful, i have never really understood completley how to apply it. Im hoping that this might give me further insight. Also my college im attending right now doesnt offer C++ this quarter. Im sick of waiting lol.

Best way to learn is to practice. So start coding!! Do not waste 69$.

Wait a sec....why 69$ and not 60$ OR 70$. :D

>Im hoping that this might give me further insight.
Here's how I see it: You won't find out if the course is good until after they're taken your money, and chances are pretty good that at least one person on a forum such as Daniweb is way smarter than whoever designed the course. So why not save your money and ask for insights here instead?

On top of getting 1-on-1 help, specific answers to your specific questions, and the collective experience of a community of hackers and professionals, you're also $69 richer. It's a no-brainer. ;)

lol, thanks guys. Ill think it about it some more before i do anything else!