I am trying to program a game and am having trouble with collision detection. I am trying to get the "monsters" to chase the "knight" when the knight gets close. I am using Panda3D to run the game. I have three classes, the Knights Quest, monster, and wasdCamera.

I am having trouble once the collision detection takes place. Panda recognizes the collision, and prints the monster number the knight is in collision with, but I don't know how to get the monster to actually chase the knight.

Then eventually I want the knight to be able to attack the monsters and make it to the end of the maze and find the holy grail!

It won't let me attach my .zip file... but I still need some help!!

Just wonding, i know a lot of people here will probably not have heard of Panda3D. Me included. Personally i would reccommend talking to the people at the site. Here is a place that has forums that deal with Panda3D, they may be able to offer more help:

I've used Panda3D, but never much more than tweaking shaders and such. However, it sounds like you're going to need to make a basic algorithm to calculate the movement for the monster, then apply it to the monster so that it continually finds a path leading to the knight and attempts to follow it. Like paulthom said though, for the part dealing with Panda3D methods/classes, you're better off dealing with the forums made specifically for this 3D engine.