Hello everyone...

Plz help...i want coding for saving password each time i log in. I do not want to type the password again and again. The form is connected to FTP server. I m not authorized to make changes in that but i can create a folder for the passwords matching the user name and check.

I can give you an idea... You could make an .ini-like file, and as i hope you know the structure of the .ini file is

property = Value

so you can put in the property field the "UserName" of the user and in the value the "Pass"......

I hope that i helped :) ,

putting the passwrd in value will save it....nxt time i log in it will be thr????

you could say the programm that everytime that the user is typing the password, it should check the ini-like file to see the password matching for this username.... :)

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