I've been looking for tutorials on x86 assembly language, and most that I've found have been dated. One actually says that the Pentium IV is the newest Intel processor...Anyway, the things I'm wondering are:
1. Has x86 assembly changed much in 10 years due to the huge advances made in processor technology? In other words, is a tutorial from over 10 years ago valid today?
2. What is x86-64? I assume it has something to do with 64-bit operating systems, but is programming in x86-64 any different from regular x86?
3. Do all Intel processors use x86 as their assembly language?

NOTE: I plan to program for either a Core 2 or Core i7 series processor

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1. not really. the core stuff is the same since the days of the 386, stuff just gets added like SSE.
2. 86-64 is 64 bit extensions to the normal x86 instruction set. Its very similar except 64 bit
3. Most. There are a few exceptions like the Itanium (very high end servers) and the Xscale (embedded devices)

Thank you very much

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