i dont understand how to do makefile .? can u give me some exmaple how to makefile for this code.and where to add the make file ...im using devC++ and vb2008

//file for GradeBook.h
#include <string>
using std::string;

// GradeBook class definition
class GradeBook
GradeBook( string name );
void setCourseName( string name );
string getCourseName();
void displayMessage();
string courseName;

//file for main.cpp
#include <iostream>
using std::cout;
using std::endl;

#include "GradeBook.h"

int main()
// create two gradeBook objects
GradeBook gradeBook1( "CS101 Introduction to C++ Programming" );
GradeBook gradeBook2( "CS102 Data Structures in C++" );

// display initial value of courseName for each GradeBoook
cout << "gradeBook1 created for course: " << gradeBook1.getCourseName()
<< "\ngradeBook2 created for course: " << gradeBook2.getCourseName()
<< endl;

return 0;

For DevCpp i'm guessing the easiest fix for you would just be to create a new project and put all of your files into that project and then compile it.


I did makefiles under unix in the 20th century. Man that was fun!
>>using devC++ and vb2008
vb2008 does not even have a notion of makefiles which is great.
devC++ I don't know

makefiles is a question for a linux forum, not a c++ forum.