I hope someone can help me with a few things that are holding me up now. Please feel free if you can answer just one query - any help is greatly appreciated !

1) Can I implement a dynamic tooltip when hovering over a dynamically created control? What is the best way to do this? Anyone seen any examples?

2) I have a number of dynamically created controls added to a panel control, each of which contains a radio button. When I click the dynamic control the radio button is checked. BUT, I want the act of clicking one instance to uncheck any others. Will I need to implement this in the class for the dynamic control, or in a foreach loop in the parent panel? Any ideas or examples?

3) How does one capture (for example) <Ctrl-A> when pressed within a control (above mentioned panel - to add a new dynamic control without going through my menu strip "Add" control).

4) The dynamic control mentioned above is a groupbox that contains a number of labels and the radio button. I have code for mouse click, mouse enter and mouse leave wired to these events, but I've found that I have to wire the event handler to each of the child controls in the groupbox. Is there any way I can code this so that mouse click, enter or leave anywhere in the parent groupbox can be wired just once (ie not for each of the child controls too)?

OK - last one for now

5) When one of the above mentioned dynamic strips is added to the panel, it's also added to the list of a "Delete" menu strip parent dynamically. But how can I detect when one of these dynamically allocated "Delete" items is clicked?

Please answer any one or more that you can manage. I'm not trying to get you to code it for me (far from it) but even pointers in the right direction would be really appreciated.

Thanks, Ken.

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2. You maybe need to set their group name to the same thing so they will au to un-check. Not sure thought 'cos I'm not have a computer with VS right now.
4,5 : Don't understand the question but I guess LizR should had it all explained.

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