I am currently using Dev C++ to develop my programs as it is free and its easily gotten a hold of.

Now the thing is that the proggraming project that I have to do has to be implemented on the unix systems within university.

Is there going to be problems with portability?

Can anyone suggest a IDE that will not cause havoc with UNIX and basicly run?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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Portability depends on the program you wrote. If you use any MS-Windows functions at all then you will have porting problems. If however you used ansi standard C and C++ then you will have few porting problems. And most *nix systems come with gnu gcc and g++ compilers installed, which I believe is the backend to Dev-C++.

The only *nix IDE I know of is canned vi. Its not really an IDE as we would know it, but a very good (and old) programmer's text editor. Learn to do command-line compiles with makefiles.


Ok thanks for that, also does anyone know about a Java based C IDE its just that I want to do proggraming in work but it only seems to run java applets !

Any ideas?

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