let say i have authors.a and books.a, authors.a is dependent to books.a and books.a is dependent to authors.a, can i compile them together? as a c# programmer it doesnt seem possible to me, for example you are adding a project called B as a reference to one of your project called A then you try to add A as a reference to the project B which is referenced by your project A as a dependency. Anyway my last sentence confused me :) but i think you got what i meant. It is impossible to do so in c#, and i wanna know if that is possible for c++ libraries to be interdependent?

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Generally, you want to avoid the above. I think if you tried hard enough, you might be able to hack something together, but I don't think it would be worth the ongoing effort.

I know in visual studio that once you tell it that one dll (or lib) depends on another one in your solution, that you are then prevented from specifying the depndency in reverse. (It uses dependency to help establish build order.)

If you really have two objects (classes, modules, whatever) that depend on each other that closely, they should be in the same compilation unit (lib, dll, etc.)

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