I am teaching myself pseudo code and I'd like ask for help to clear up my mind so I can understand the syntax and semantics a bit better. Would appreciate any help. (8 people must decide on one F*!)

I am trying understand var int F1=0; in the sample below
var = variable
int = ? (is this integer?)
0 = ?
To replace var int F1=0; with semantics what would be a good example?

var char randomFlavor = random("F1","F2","F3");
var int F1=0;
var int F2=0;
var int F3=0;

for each people in 8 people
var char pesonRandomFlavor = random("F1","F2","F3");
if( randomFlavor ==pesonRandomFlovor )
if (randomFlavor == "F1")
F1= F1+1;
else if (randomFlavor == "F2")
F2= F2+1;
else if (randomFlavor == "F3")
F3= F3+1;

This is a complete waste of your time.

I never thought wanting learn a simple thing first is a waste of time.
Pseudo code seems a good place to start to understand algorithm basics.