Hi, i'm looking for some library that provides solving matrix determinant. My matrix contains complex numbers (complex.h).
Please write me some hints

Hint: google search using C++ matrix determinant. It provided 12,000 hits. One of them, probably early on in the list, probably/may have something to help.

For example, download free Matrix TCL Lite 1.13 by Techsoft:
(it's not a recommendation, I never use this library but it's compact and simple;) ).
Comment 5 lines of abs definitions in downloaded matrix.h:

/* Do that, you can't compile it with VC++ when <complex> included
#if ( defined(__BORLANDC__) || _MSC_VER ) && !defined( __GNUG__ ) 
inline float abs (float v) { return (float)fabs( v); } 
inline double abs (double v) { return fabs( v); } 
inline long double abs (long double v) { return fabsl( v); }


#include <complex>
using namespace std;
#include "matrix.h"

typedef complex<double> Complex;
typedef math::matrix<Complex>  CMat;

int main()
    CMat m(2,2);
    m(0,0) = Complex(0,1);
    m(0,1) = m(1,0) = 0.0;
    m(1,1) = Complex(0,1);

    cout << m.Det() << endl;
    return 0;
// prints (-1,0)

Read package manual in pro_doc directory...

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