deleting first element of an array....
deleting last element of an array...
deleting middle element of an array...
inserting first element of an array....
inserting last element of an array...
inserting middle element of an array...
searching the 2nd highest positive even integer

thanks i need it...


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We won't do your homework for you. Read the forum rules, post your attempt and then ask for help (specifically).

Make sure you use code tags.

I could help you write your code but I will do something even better . I will give you some hints of how to go about this so you can solve it yourself. And when you do, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you did it and not someone else. So now here are the hints :

first to declare an arrray is the following:

datatype variable_name [constant size];

ex. int ary[100];

when you declare an array of some size. its end size is its (size-1)

so on the example above the last element is ary[9];

This is so because the first element starts with 0 and not 1 ;

so to delete a last or first element you something
(maybe...ary[99]=0; this would be the same as deleting)

and to insert you would something. (maybe ary[0]=23;)

for the rest you should figure it out yourself. And if you still do not get it then post your problem with proof that you tried..

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