This is an abstract question, but I company I work for asked m to research what would be required to convert a VB6 desktop application to a web application. The application is quite large incorporates about twenty forms, many, many modules, custom controls, and what-not. It's mainly a data manipulation application that has to do with bills and loans for large-large organizations. Anyway, they want this now to be entirely browser oriented so no longer a desktop application. It's got hundreds of pages worth of code. And here's the question: being a VB6 desktop application is it better to re-write the code with the desktop application's functionality in mind or as a goal, or is it possible to make a quick simple conversion. Obviously, it's relatively easy to convert a VB6 desktop application to a desktop application; but in a nut shell, is there a simple conversion to a web application. Or would it have to be basically a re-write? Anyway, no one can tell me how to do it exactly and obviously there's no way to tell whether or not it should be a total re-write but I'm looking for a guess or a thought or an insite or anything.