hi all,

can you help me find a way to start a new internet explorer window in a new process? for the moment i am using window.open in javascript but its using the same process no matter how many windows i open while what i need is one process for every window

thanks in advance


Are you sure that you asking your question in correct forum section? You talking about JavaScript in Java forum section. Just in case you do not know Java is not same as JavaScript

PS: You will need to elaborate your question it does not really make too much sense.

thnx peter i posted here by error so i moved the thread to javascript forum and i explained a little bit more

OK then ( Just small warning, what you did by creating another post in different sections is something we do not like to see - please refer to forum rules 5th paragraph of Keep It Organized in regards of forum flooding. So in the future if this happens please click on the "Flag Bad Post" and type short message like "Please move it to JavaScript section")
If you can please close this post/mark as solved so as other do not get "cute" ideas