Alright Guys & Gals I have a stupid question. I've been in IT for 7 or 8 years working up to a network administrator. I'm thinking of making a slight change and moving towards programming. I've had little to no experience in programming so far. Basically I'd like to get some opinions from you all about what direction I should take. Since I'm just starting out I'd like to find out in your opinions what the best programming language is I should devote my time to?

Any help would be awesome.

Thanks in advance.

See I started programing 1 year ago and my suggestions would be :-

1. C programming language (If you are interested in Kerenal programming and want to develop your own UNIX or Linux)

You need to know C for several reasons: Most programs are written using it (or C++), nearly all operating systems are written using it, C is difficult to get right and hence programs written in it usually have security flaws.

One more reason for learning C is that it is a old language and you have to do it all yourself.
After learning C almost all languages will seem easy.

2. Python ( a powerful language : )
Its a programming world and there are endless languages just google it and you'll find many

Personally my sugestion would be C ..

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