Hi all
I write to ask you if you could help me with writting this script>>

Suppose we have 2 files: x and y
In x, we have those lines:
g0201350 g0233234 football
United Arab Emirates University
College of Information Technology
In y, we have those lines:
Hello there!
Working too hard?
Calling the script
source broadcast x y
should send the message in y to the users: g0201350 g0233234 and g0209099
and should create a file called msg.log that contains the following:
Tue Feb 21 11:45:12 GST 2006
message did not reach football
That is because football is not a correct user id. If I run the script again with the same
unchanged arguments x and y, it will do the same as before and should concatenate the new
info and the file msg.log will contain:
Tue Feb 21 11:45:12 GST 2006
message did not reach football
Tue Feb 21 11:46:59 GST 2006
message did not reach football

if you have anyidea please reply to help me
I will be thankful for your help

You're probably going to need to:
A) Post more specific questions indicating that you've given the least bit of thought to the problem.
B) Post the code that you have started with.
C) All of the above.

I didn't know how to write the unix script

please help me if you can??

cat > addrFile
cat > mesgFile
Hello students
How are you???
write addrFile
write $x
if [ $x -eq 0 ]
echo " " >> msg.log
echo " date message did not reach $x " >> msg.log

Hey there,

What scripting language are you using? Or is that just pseudo-code? Seems to be a mix of a few different kinds and some of the statements may or may not be correct depending on the context.

Look forward to your reply.

Happy Holidays :) Quit working and relax :)

, Mike