Hi all
I write to ask you if you could help me with writting this script>>

Suppose we have 2 files: x and y
In x, we have those lines:
g0201350 g0233234 football
United Arab Emirates University
College of Information Technology
In y, we have those lines:
Hello there!
Working too hard?
Calling the script
source broadcast x y
should send the message in y to the users: g0201350 g0233234 and g0209099
and should create a file called msg.log that contains the following:
Tue Feb 21 11:45:12 GST 2006
message did not reach football
That is because football is not a correct user id. If I run the script again with the same
unchanged arguments x and y, it will do the same as before and should concatenate the new
info and the file msg.log will contain:
Tue Feb 21 11:45:12 GST 2006
message did not reach football
Tue Feb 21 11:46:59 GST 2006
message did not reach football

if you have anyidea please reply to help me
I will be thankful for your help

You're probably going to need to:
A) Post more specific questions indicating that you've given the least bit of thought to the problem.
B) Post the code that you have started with.
C) All of the above.

cat > addrFile
cat > mesgFile
Hello students
How are you???
write addrFile
write $x
if [ $x -eq 0 ]
echo " " >> msg.log
echo " date message did not reach $x " >> msg.log

Hey there,

What scripting language are you using? Or is that just pseudo-code? Seems to be a mix of a few different kinds and some of the statements may or may not be correct depending on the context.

Look forward to your reply.

Happy Holidays :) Quit working and relax :)

, Mike

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