I'm having trouble connecting to the OVID database using jzkit. I get the following error message:

log4j:ERROR No appenders could be found for category (Z3950Origin).
log4j:ERROR Please initialize the log4j system properly.
at com.k_int.z3950.IRClient.Z3950Origin.incomingSearchResponse(Z3950Origin.java:543)
at com.k_int.z3950.util.ZEndpoint.notifyAPDUEvent(ZEndpoint.java:169)
at com.k_int.z3950.util.ZEndpoint.run(ZEndpoint.java:481)
Result: Search complete
0 records

I can connect to other databases using the same setting but for some reason it doesn't work for ovid. My authentication details are correct as they work on endnote. Does anyone knows why this might be the case?


The code looks like this:

Searchable s = new Z3950Origin();
    Properties p = new Properties();
    /* Ovid */
    p.put("ServiceHost","z3950.ovid.com"); // set target
    p.put("ServicePort","210");                   // set port
    IRQuery e = new IRQuery();
    e.hints = new Hashtable();
    e.hints.put("record_syntax", "marc21");
    e.collections = new Vector();
    /* Ovid */
    e.collections.add("medl");                 // set Database
    e.query_syntax = "PREFIX";
    e.query = "@attrset bib-1 @attr 1=1016 the";
    SearchTask st = (SearchTask) s.createTask(e, null);
    st.evaluate(10000);                // run query for < 10 secs
    System.err.println("Result: " +
    InformationFragmentSource ifs = st.getTaskResultSet();
    System.err.println(ifs.getFragmentCount() + " records");

Hi,Pritika. I have exactly the same error as you trying to connect to another database (www.bne.es). My code is exactly than hours. Did you find any solution or post in forums to fix the problem?
Lot of Thanks!!

is there any one who explored the function of upload function:the client can upload the marc to another z39.50 server.
thank you .looking forwards to your feedback.

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