Sorry for the long post. My ultimate goal is to make a program that can read text off a website, if told the url, when to start reading, and where to stop, and then write the text to a textfile. This is all easy once I am able to read the source code of the html doc given its url. Sooooo... I found this code from Planet Source Code, it claims to be able to read source code of a given url. A couple people responded to it, one person said they couldnt get it to work, another person said it worked great, so I think it probably works. But I am in the camp that cannot get it to work. I make a normal win32 app and in properties i select Use Shared MFC dll. This makes the CString opperations work but the other ones such as CInternetSession do not work, they give me errors of CInternetSession undeclared identifier. I remembered to put in #include <afxinet.h> so i dont understand what is wrong. Can someone please help a newbie??? Here is the code:

#include <afxinet.h>
// Name: ^!!~ A better HTML Source Grabb
//     er/Stealer ~!!^
// Description:Simple example of how to 
//     grab(some people like ti call it 'steal'
//     ) the HTML source of a page from a appli
//     cation... There are a couple of examples
//     here at PSC, but they are not very good 
//     because they use ReadHuge to store all o
//     f the data in a buffer which can cause m
//     emory problems, incomplete page sources,
//     and of course ugly boxes due to no carri
//     age returns or line breaks... This ReadS
//     tring version is alot more efficent... I
//     t works 100% in MFC... And since this co
//     de is so easy to implement into virtuall
//     y any project, I am NOT going to post th
//     e project files unless I get alot of req
//     uests
// By: Zak Farrington
// Assumes:Make sure to define m_strURL 
//     and m_strSource via ClassWizard
//This code is copyrighted and has// limited warranties.Please see http://
//     [url]www.Planet-Source-Code.com/vb/scripts/Sh[/url]
//     owCode.asp?txtCodeId=7754&lngWId=3//for details.//**************************************

//** Make sure you add two edit boxes to
//     your dialog, make the one for the URL in
//     put a CString named 'm_strURL'
//** And to store the source add another
//     edit box(Make sure its multi line), make
//     it a CString named 'm_strSource'

void CYourDialogClass::OnYourEvent()
        UpdateData(TRUE); //** Perform DDX and get user input
        CInternetSession session; //** define our internet session
        CInternetFile* pFile = (CInternetFile *)session.OpenURL(m_strURL); //** define our internet file that will hold the source
        if(pFile) //** If we can OpenURL(m_strURL)

                CString string; //** Create a buffer string
                while (pFile->ReadString(string) != NULL) //** Read as many string as we can until we run into EOF(End Of File)

                        m_strSource += string; //** Add the string of data we just read
                        m_strSource += "\r\n"; //** Add a line break to make it look better

edit to add: I am using microsoft visual c++ .net

I fixed it by making a new project, still a win32 app, and made it a console project (which is what I normally do) and selected Add MFC support, (which I had done before) and then also clicked Add ATL support.

Can someone explain why adding ATL support made the afxinet class work?

I also had to delete the UpdateData lines. Those didnt make sense anyway.

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