This is my first post on this forum so hello everyone,

I want to make a program which would link to a data base, either excel
or access, and could edit/add too the database from the program and
also look up entries into it, i have borland c++ builder 6 and and
microsoft visual c++ 6.0.

I would appreciate a link to a tutorial or some source code.

Thanks in advance

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well, there are two ways you can approach this

1) You automate input to Excel
2) You study and learn how the data base is stored then modify the file approprietly.

Im sure there are other ways but only these two come to mind, the second option I imagine would be easier, if you want to use automation try to read up on some API calls and hooks.

Post back if you need more detailed help.


I've never done any programing beyond qbasic lol, and my only experiance with excel was to make a mail merge with word, i'm not really doing this to learn c++, although i will one day.:rolleyes:

There probably is a ready made program out there that i could download, i just need a way of looking up my customers details by typeing in their order id, or name ect and being able to add too or edit what i have detailed about them.

It doesn't sound like a very hard program to make, it's just i don't have time.

Any thoughts?

sounds like a job for me :)

time is a HUGE deal when it comes to programming, I could program almost anything if i had a large sum of time, please email the above post to and I can write you a program and post the code on here so you can learn to, just make sure to email me so I don't forget.

If you really like the program, then you can donate money with the web address above.

Thanks alot, i've emailed you, but i forgot to say i would like to be able to add new entries to the database aswell. Thanks

no problem, I can do that too, I'll probally have it done and posted tommorow with a link to download, you will also get a notification email when its done with the same info.

its been several days, have you forgot?

yeah im sorry I recently got a job and it slipped my mind. Could you remind me again via email or even better post your project on (click the free quote link) and I will be sure not to miss it.

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