I have downloaded the free Borland compiler Bcc32 and am delighted with it. I also downloaded the turbo debugger. I have a lot of experience using a debugger from an integrated environment but the Borland download includes only the command line version of the compiler and I don'y know how to run the debugger. I think that all I need is a tiny example to get me started. (Maybe just the command line will do.) Can anyone come to my rescue?

If you compile a small application with debug info using BC55 you can then load it into TD32 and use that to step through the code line by line like you would a debugger in an IDE.
If there's no debugging info you'll get assembler code instead.

Thanks for your answer. I still haven't succeeded. I compiled and linked a program with "-v" on the command line. The program, named mgzn, runs. If I enter the line "TD32 mgzn" I get a black window and a frozen computer. If I enter "TD32" I get a screen which is familiar to me from my ancient Turbo C compiler. If I then load "mgzn" I get what looks like an assembly language program and, again, a frozen computer. Any suggestions? (Your note indicated no debugging info. Shouln't the "=v" take care of that?

Your computer doesn't freeze. The program is loaded in the debugger and waiting for you to take action through the debugger.

A little blurb from Borland:

4. Using TD.EXE in a Windows DOS box
The TD.PIF file included with the BC45 installation insures the proper
settings for running the DOS based Turbo Debugger (TD.EXE) in a Windows
DOS box. If need be, you can create this .PIF file using Window's Pif
editor, and setting the following values:

Program Filename: TD.EXE
Window Title: Turbo Debugger for DOS
Video Memory: Text
Memory Requirements: 128 -1
EMS: 0 -1
XMS Memory 0 3096
Execution: Background & Exclusive enabled
( required for Dual Monitor debugging )

Close Window on Exit.

Advanced Options:
Memory Options: Lock Application Memory.
Display Options: Retain Video Memory.

TD.EXE running in a DOS Box results in heavy use of the GDI resources.
Running a high resolution video driver on some video adapters while
running multiple applications can result in an inability to display
High Resolution Graphics. If this is the case, close one or more of the
Windows applications that are currently running.

I downloaded BCC5.5 long time ago but Turbo Debugger was/is not part of the package. Is Turbo Debugger still available for download? I tried googling but didn't find the download URL. Can someone help?

Thanks and regards,

Thank you WaltP, I'll try that.


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