Please tell me from the scratch how to compile and run a .C programme in Turbo C++ Explorer IDE. I'm finding it difficult.
Whenever I try to compile and run the .C files , I find these commands as dimmed command in the project and run menus in the IDE. Please tell me how to configure the compiler to compile and run the C files. I had the experience of using the earlier 16bit compiler Turbo C++ 3.0 but no experience with the new one as yet !

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Would be much more time effective if you would abandon this IDE.

Would be much more time effective if you would abandon this IDE.

I think he has already abandoned the old, outdated "turbo C" from the early 1990s, and is now using the modern, standards-compliant 'Turbo C++ explorer' ... There's nothing (that i'm aware of) which is wrong with this newer version, although I've never used it myself, the description on the website gives the impression of a good, modern IDE.

To the OP : Have you tried looking at the IDE's website? there may be some guides or useful articles which might get you started there

Well it's only my opinion, or something which i truly think is a good advice, but of course you are free to use whatever you like or have other opinion.

Do they claim that their bgi interface is also a standard? No 2d graphics interfaces are standard, except xlib which is a standard of x consortium, and gtk which is a part of the gnu, if one considers gnu a standard. So the only thing what makes difference, is how free and open they are. IDE-s are not standard either.

That would be the case with nearly any IDE/Compiler though - most that I'm aware of do support nonstandard features or come with a whole load of extensions - the key here is to learn the standard language using a good book to keep you on the straight and narrow. (Rather than worrying about the capabilities of a particular implementation - provided it supports the ISO/ANSI standards of course)

The biggest problem is graphics interface. There are no standards, only opengl is really standard, but it doesn't make no sense to learn it for anyone who is not going to write only 3d games... Graphics interface is something which has not developed yet to the stage where creating standards would be possible.

The problem is that I can write a programme in C and then run it but it does not produce an .exe file or at least I could not find one in the output folder and hence the earlier thread !!
When there is no .exe file, you can't really test your output. So, I wanted a help from the scratch regarding running and compiling in this new IDE.
Thanks in advance.

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I've never used it, but instintively the exes would probably reside in "My documents" or somewhere like "program files\turboc++\..." Personally, I'd just get devshed.

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