I'm having some very confusing problems with the StringFormat class. I'm hoping someone will know what's going on.

I want to draw text right-to-left. It's multiple lines so I figured using the StringFormat class was an easy way to handle that, I declare it as:

StringFormat f = new  StringFormat(StringFormatFlags.DirectionRightToLeft);

Then i pass it along to the DrawString function in Graphics.

The problem is that when the string being drawn ends with a non-alphanumeric character (!, ?, >, ., etc.) it gets draw on the wrong side of the string

For example, "hello!" is being drawn as "!hello"

I tried messing around with the properties of StringFormat but it's not helping, anyone have any ideas?

Re: StringFormat 80 80

It might have something to do with interfering international settings(eg Arabic is written from riht to left) because other Flags as DirectionVertical behave as expected. It might be that it is just a plain bug -->one address : Microsoft.
THe only solution I see for the moment if you want to do this : revert the string

Re: StringFormat 80 80

Thanks for the input. You gave me an idea and turns out the thing is reversing the string, but not really reversing it.

"hello!?" comes out as "?!hello"

So basically it reverses the order of the characters, except if they are alphanumeric. I can't for the life of me imagine when you would want to do that (maybe for some other language?)

Turns out a better way to do it is to create a plain simple StringFormat class and set the alignment property instead:

StringFormat f = new StringFormat();
f.Alignment = StringAlignment.Far;

That way it doesn't reverse anything and just aligns everything off to the right.

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