Can someone help me convert this to vb.net
I can't read this whatsoever, i can barely read it XD

const int buflen = 10240;
static char readbuf[buflen+1];
static int last = 0;
static int next = 0;

typedef struct PK11SlotInfoStr PK11SlotInfo;

// NSS Library functions
typedef SECStatus      (*NSS_Init) (const char *configdir);
typedef SECStatus      (*NSS_Shutdown) (void);
typedef PK11SlotInfo * (*PK11_GetInternalKeySlot) (void);
typedef void           (*PK11_FreeSlot) (PK11SlotInfo *slot);
typedef SECStatus      (*PK11_CheckUserPassword) (PK11SlotInfo *slot,char *pw);
typedef SECStatus      (*PK11_Authenticate) (PK11SlotInfo *slot, PRBool loadCerts, void *wincx);
typedef SECStatus      (*PK11SDR_Decrypt) (SECItem *data, SECItem *result, void *cx);

// PLC Library functions
typedef char *         (*PL_Base64Decode)( const char *src, PRUint32 srclen, char *dest);

// Function declarations..
void NSSUnload();
int InitFFLibs(char *firefoxPath);
int InitializeNSSLibrary(char *profilePath, char *password);
int CheckMasterPassword(char *password);
int DirectoryExists( char *path );
void StrLwr(char *str);
int OpenFile(char *filePath);
void CloseFile();
int ReadLine(char *buffer, int size);
char *GetFFProfilePath();
char *GetFFLibPath();
char *GetFFVersion();
char **Explode(char *StrIn,const char *Delimiter);
char *Split(char *String,char Delimeter[],int Part);
char *replace(char *str, const char *substr, const char *repstr);

char ReadChar();
char Vers[_MAX_PATH] = "";
int version = 1;

int PK11Decrypt(char *decodeData, int decodeLen, char **clearData, int *finalLen);
int Base64Decode(char *cryptData, char **decodeData, int *decodeLen);
NSS_Init                NSSInit = NULL;
NSS_Shutdown            NSSShutdown = NULL;
PK11_GetInternalKeySlot PK11GetInternalKeySlot = NULL;
PK11_CheckUserPassword  PK11CheckUserPassword = NULL;
PK11_FreeSlot           PK11FreeSlot = NULL;
PK11_Authenticate       PK11Authenticate = NULL;
PK11SDR_Decrypt         PK11SDRDecrypt = NULL;
PL_Base64Decode         PLBase64Decode = NULL;

int IsNSSInitialized = 0;

HMODULE libnss = NULL;
HMODULE libplc = NULL;
HMODULE libtmp = NULL;

FILE *signonFile = NULL;
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I don't know what it does but you need several librarys that I don't think you can use with vb. As far as I can tell it is just a bunch of definations.


Cause as of now, im just doing some learning regarding to decrypting the encrypted logins from firefox locally. Not for malicious use at all ;D

And I can't read c++ that well so i need a base as where i can start off so i'd know what to do in vb.net

And yes, it does use several libraries which i can import into the vb project. THen declaring those functions within the libraries and then add varibles and more declarations.

Thanks for the response, so would you mind helping me start from the base and there is also more to the code but i'd think it'll be too much of a hassle for you guys to help me with that >.>

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