Is there any way to type casting from NumberUpDown to string?

what is your Question Exactly, try to be in details

You mean like the one that comes with it, eg


I guess you didnt look very far

Strange I answered this same thread 7 days ago also??

people love to wake old threads, especially when people dont bother to mark them as solved.

I said same thread, but meant similar...

I seem to remember this was a dup.

Quite right and so we can go on and on and on...

We need a way to "force solved" any thread that is either open for too long or solved but the poster won't mark it . . .

IMHO any thread left for more than 3 weeks untouched, should auto close. As either the OP has lost interest, or found another way.

Yeah, you are right rapture, but what is solved?
Some problems are easily solved, others are quite complex and "unsolvable" in a few do this and do thats.
Some users read the solution you give to their problem and leave for the planet Mars(whatever) never to come back again.
How do you gonna tackle all those?
I am almost certain the "management" (Dani?) has thought about that also. I think the way it is now is the best we can have.