Hello guys!!!

Im a beginner in VIsual C#. i was given a task to create a Forum using ASP.Net. Please help me on how to change the Skin of a default ASP.Net Forum. I have installed it already but don't know how to replace its default skin. please help... I appreciate any good help. Thank you very much.. :)

Is there a way to manually change the skins(how?)? or you need a installer package to change the skins automatically? If you have detailed idea or steps, please share it with me. Thanks a lot.


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I have read that article in my MSDN. Thanks a lot for your help. I appreciate it very much. With God's help i was able to change skin despite of more advance code were made. After trying to trace its CSS file at last i found it. I am now starting to modify its skin. Thanks a lot. My problem for now is to cope for my deadline. : ( hopefully i can make it. hehehe

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