I am doing a project in VB and have used ADODC connection to connect in Access Database. I have used MSHFlexGrid and want it's data get highlighted Automatically if it is on current date (i.e Today's Date) for Birthday Reminder. How can i do it?


Once the Grid is Loaded, Loop thru the column and Highlight if matching, Say, you are Date Column is 2, Check this Code:

Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To Grd.Rows-1
If ISDate(Grd.TextMatrix(i,2)) Then
  If CDate(Grd.TextMatrix(i,2)) = Date Then
      Grd.Col = 2
      Grd.Row = i
      Grd.CellFontBold = True
     Grd.CellBackColor = vbBlue
     Grd.CellFontColor = vbWhite
  End If

Change Control Name accordingly..